Data Investigator


Wow, you're actually reading this! That amazing. Anyway here's the as-promised overview:

Data Investigator (hosted at SourceForge) is a project whoose main goal is to build a tool that will allow the easy integration of a database (currently SQL server 2000) query tool into an existing application. Basically an online way to allow power users to build their own queries (without giving them Microsoft Access interfaces) against a database and save them for future use.

Another use for Data Investigator is for the case when you have a SQL sever database that you can connect to, but you don't know what's inside (maybe you don't have Enterprise Manager or whatever). In this case you just provide your logon and password and start querying the database to see what's inside.

And yes, this project is hosted @ sourceForge: Logo

Main Features


Login screen Select Columns Add Criteria Preview SQL Display Results


Download Data Investigator Source or compiled binary and ASPX from SourceForge servers.